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「SPECIAL RELEASE」Engineered Garments x Yokkoyama Hat Market

Engineered Garments is pleased to announce an all-new collaboration with Yokkoyama Hat Market. Yokkoyama Hat Market, known for its fine-quality handmade hats and collection of colorfully printed merch, is currently running its pop-up shop at Nepenthes New York. 
Yokkoyama Hat Market founder and owner Hirohisa Yokoyama has lived in New York for over 20 years, and has been making hats for 17 of those years. In 2018, Japanese record label Tacoma Fuji held a popup event at Nepenthes New York. Stopping by the launch party, Hirohisa became acquainted with Takuya, the Nepenthes store manager. 
Their relationship developed over time, and has culminated in the recent Yokkoyama Hat Market popup shop and ultimately, this collaboration with EG. 
The design approach was formulated after thoroughly examining the upcoming Engineered Garments collection, and spending time amongst the clothing in the store. 
The result is a unique hand-made creation, mixing qualities of both Engineered Garments and Yokkoyama Hat Market. 
Available in-store and online at