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[SPECIAL RELEASE] Engineered Garments x Alden - Indy Oxford

Once again, Engineered Garments has teamed up with historic New England shoe manufacturer Alden, to create an all-new special makeup product: the EG x Alden Indy Oxford. 

These special makeup EG x Alden Indy Oxford are available in two materials: Suede and #8 Shell Cordovan. 

You don’t have to be a die-hard fan of Alden’s products to be familiar with the Indy Boot, made famous by Harrison Ford’s portrayal of swashbuckling archaeologist Indiana Jones. Story has it that the boots were included in the movies per Ford’s request, as he was a longtime client of Alden. 

The Indy Oxford model however, is not nearly as well known. Much like the Engineered Garments Bedford Jacket, this shoe skirts the line between dressy and rugged, combining formal blucher elements with all-weather protection. 

As with all Alden footwear, these shoes employ welt construction, meaning that there is a strip of leather connecting the upper to the sole of the shoe. This helps make the shoe sturdier and more waterproof. Welt construction also gives the shoes a slightly chunkier look, easily recognizable to those who are truly shoe aficionados. This suede version features a 360° storm welt, and the #8 Shell Cordovan version features a 360° flat welt.


The leather on the Suede model is a Repello Calf Suede, which comes from C.F. Stead, an English tannery specializing in high-grade suede leather. Repello Calf Suede is known for its fine-nap and rich look, taking its color from 100% aniline dye, and is typically used for shoes that see heavy-use, due to its highly durable nature. The suede is also treated with Scotchgard™, for an additional level of protection against water and stains.

Natural thread is used for this shoe’s welt stitch, highlighting the pleasant contrast between the stitch and the tan dye of the uppers. This shoe features 6 brass eyelets, in standard form. One of the suede version’s major appeal factors is the application of a Super Cushion outsole, which uses an expanded EVA based rubber compound to guarantee peak durability and incredible lightness. 

#8 Shell Cordovan

The #8 Shell Cordovan model, in typical Alden fashion, sources vegetable-tanned equine shells exclusively from Chicago’s Horween Leather Company, which has been in business since 1905. Responsible for defining many of the leather industry’s best practices, Horween’s products - especially Shell Cordovan - are considered by leather enthusiasts to be the best in the world. 

The name #8 comes from how many times Horween dunks these shells into their top-secret red aniline dye. After eight dips, the color becomes so rich and deep it can seem to be black at first glance.

This shoe employs Alden’s commando sole, yet again striking a balance between dressing up and dressing down. 

Finally, check out the blind eyelets. Considered a formal touch, blind eyelets cover the brass grommets through which the laces are threaded. Typical Alden shoes will feature 6 eyelets, while the machine-installed blind eyelets require more space, and are limited to 5.

These EG x Alden special makeup Indy Oxfords, in Suede and #8 Shell Cordovan, will be available in-store and online, starting Saturday July 17th.