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[SPECIAL RELEASE] Engineered Garments x Beams+ Convertible Parka - Releasing Saturday April 3rd

Engineered Garments and Beams+, the heritage-inspired ready-to-wear label of the legendary Harajuku-based company, have come together to create a unique collaborative product, the all-new Convertible Parka. Releasing in North America on Saturday, April 3rd, this lightweight modular parka can be split into a cropped jacket or vest, and is perfectly suited for springtime weather.

This collaboration began with the concept “convertible”, which was developed into an idea for a springtime garment that could be split into separate parts. Deciding to create a parka that could transform into a jacket or vest, Engineered Garments Creative Director Daiki Suzuki soon realized that zip-off sleeves wouldn’t allow the proper silhouette for a vest. Undaunted, he continued his search for an innovative solution. 

Daiki found inspiration from the design of Filson’s Double Mackinaw Cruiser, which features upper panels which are stitched to the bottom portion of the jacket. Substituting stitching for a modular button design, he was able to create a design that features a cropped jacket which cleverly conceals the vest underneath. 

This special item comes in three colorways: olive, navy, and two-tone blue/khaki. The olive design is inspired by military design, while the navy color is in the line of standard utilitarian gear. The two-tone baby blue is an homage to the hiking jackets of the 1970’s, where khaki and baby blue were traditionally used for spring items.

The Engineered Garments x Beams+ Convertible Jacket retails for $816.00, and will be available for purchase in-store and online, only at

*Please note that this release is exclusive to Nepenthes New York and is not available for international purchase.