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[Capsule Collection] Otakara NYC



Satoshi Suzuki

Born in Japan. Satoshi Suzuki became determined to pursue a career in fashion while attending design college in Tokyo. Upon graduation, he took a job with a chain of vintage stores called "DEPT STORE". 

In the mid 1980’s, he began to take buying trips to the U.S., France, and the U.K. for the store, while also creating and designing their products. In 1988, he moved to New York, continuing to purchase used clothing and American products as an expatriate staff member. In 1996, he became independent and turned his focus towards Japanese fashion, lifestyle, and interior design. Currently, he works as an independent buyer and consultant. He is also a sales associate for Japan at the Aesthetic Movement Showroom(, a NY-based interior and lifestyle showroom, and is also consulting for Japan on an irregular basis at the lifestyle exhibition SHOPPE OBJECT(

OTAKARA NYC Brand Statement

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, like many Americans, Satoshi has spent more time at home. One evening, while browsing listings on eBay, he noticed a hand-embroidered hippie-style chambray shirt for sale - reminding him of the clothes he wore during his younger days. Excited to rediscover his favorite garments, he searched for more hand embroidered hippie-style clothing, but found most items to be either poorly made or too expensive. 

Dissatisfied with his online findings, Satoshi decided to put a hand-embroidered design on one of his own chambray shirts. Starting with simple shapes, he used the shirt as his testing grounds, gradually improving his skills, and experimenting with more complex designs. 

To Satoshi, that first chambray shirt initially seemed like nothing more than the sketchbook of a middling tattoo artist. But on closer inspection, (and repeated washing), the shirt’s singular vintage personality began to shine through. 

The shirts he makes today feature images inspired by Japan and traditional Native American designs, in addition to designs influenced by New York, US Military, and rock and roll culture.  Each hand-embroidered design starts with a hand-drawn sketch, eventually taking shape on the shirt. Since the colors and shapes of the embroidered icons differ each time, no two pieces are alike. 

The brand name, OTAKARA NYC, means “Treasure NYC'' in Japanese. It is Satoshi’s hope that each unique piece will become a treasure for his customers.

More of Satoshi’s work is available to view on his Instagram, @otakaranyc.