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Nepenthes New York is pleased to announce the stock of Laulhère’s L’Authentique Ete, an all-cotton version of the company’s signature Basque beret.

Around the world, the beret is feted as a quintessential piece of countercultural clothing. It is said that the beret was introduced to the United States after an appearance in Coco Chanel’s first “défilé de mode”. Whatever the case, the 20th century saw the beret donned by United States Army Special Forces (the "Green Berets"), Pablo Picasso, Che Guevara, and the Black Panthers. Much like Nepenthes, it occupies a coveted perch on the border of influences from industry, military, and art.

An iconic piece of history, the beret can be styled for nearly any situation. 


 In January, Nepenthes began stocking Laulhère’s L’Authentique, a felted wool beret, manufactured by the only remaining beret mill in France. While suitable for the winter months, customers may find the classic wool version to be somewhat warm as the summer approaches in the Northern Hemisphere.


In order to satisfy the needs of customers who prefer to wear a beret during the hotter months, Laulhère created their 100% cotton version: the L’Authentique Ete. Innovative without sacrificing tradition, this all cotton style is highly breathable - allowing the wearer to stay cool in hotter temperatures.  The beret’s easily packable and crushable construction - another benefit of the cotton material - allows it to fit into a bag or purse with ease. 

The Laulhère L’Authentique Ete will be available in 6 colors: Bleu, Corail, Greige, Noir, Naturel, and Ecarlate. These berets will be available for purchase in-store and online.