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South2 West8 x Ben Miller Collaboration Items


This remarkable unique collaboration incorporates dynamic artwork into technical products.

SOUTH2 WEST8's latest collection was created in collaboration with Ben Miller, an artist who depicts rivers using a unique method of fly cast painting using a fishing rod and custom-made flys.

Ben Miller's artwork features unique colors and is applied to 3-layer waterproof breathable material, ripstop, and jersey fabric in an eye- all-over print. Two colors, TAYLOR RIVER (WHITE) and RUBY RIVER (OLIVE), are named after rivers upon which the artist completed his paintings. 13 products are available, including the essential WEATHER EFFECT JACKET, BELTED C.S. PANT, CLASSIC HOODY, and bags.

This release is conducted in conjunction with Nepenthes New York's latest art exhibition, "Endangered Rivers Project".