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Needles Mountain Boot & Hike Shoe - Waxed Suede - Releasing - 09.20.22

Needles is back with even more special shoes for the Fall Winter 2022 season.



Constructed from supple waxed leather, these Italian-made boots were designed in the fashion of classic Italian hiking boots. With a 6-eyelet closure system, welt stitched sole, and leather heel-guard, the Mountain Boot is comfortable and long-lasting. Notable design touches include the distinctive purple lacing, angled outsole treads and a subtle papillon motif, found on the side of the boot. 


Sporting a low profile, the Hike Shoe is a modern take on a traditional hiking sandal. Crafted in Italy and constructed from waxed suede, these shoes feature a strap closure, elegant patterning on the uppers, treading the line between sandal and shoe. The pair’s sturdy construction also features a welt stitched sole and angled outsole treads for traction when needed.

Available in-store and online at from 09.20.22