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Engineered Garments x Palace - Releasing 09.16.22

Engineered Garments has worked with Palace Skateboards to create a limited collection for the Fall Winter 2022 season. Releasing exclusively at Palace Skateboards stores and Nepenthes New York, these products emphasize core elements of each brand, marrying Palace’s skateboarding sensibility to classic Engineered Garments items.

Alongside all-new designs like the Washed Track Pants and Track Bottoms, some of Engineered Garments’ best-known designs - including the Work Shirt, FA Pant, and Field Parka - are reimagined with Palace’s unique taste, featuring prominent branding throughout.

The inclusion of Gore-Tex materials marks a departure from Engineered Garments' usual arsenal of fabrics, giving the collection a tech-influenced feel. At the same time, asymmetrical patchwork designs imbue these products with a recognizably Engineered Garments attitude.

This exclusive release will arrive at Palace Stores and Nepenthes New York on 09.16.22