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Lite Year and Uxe Mentale's pop-up shop will start running at Nepenthes New York, starting Friday, November 19th.

This time, and @uxementale have come to Nepenthes NY to release a collection of collaboration T-shirts and caps.

Founded by Argentinian graphic designer Gustavo Eandi with LA/NYC based agency Lite Year, Uxe Mentale sources inspiration from Gustavo's globalized communication network reaching LA, NY, and Argentina, "Pen Pal Community Network" and encapsulates the dialogue and exchange within that creative community. Serving as a reflection and homage to the styles and aesthetic to the cultures that inspired Gustavo. Referencing pages of Thrasher, Transworld, Tres60 Skate, and other skate centric advertisements.

Come by the store to check these special goods.