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Wang Chomphu, launched in 2019, is a brand specializing in high quality garments using 100% Thailand silk. 

A defining feature of the Thai silk used in the collection is a woven blend containing two silk moth cocoons: yellow and white. This special combination gives the items a smooth feel and beautiful luster that makes each silk thread shine. 

The history of silk production in Thailand stretches over more than 3,000 years, and to this day Thai silk is prized for its quality. 

Named after a small village in Northeastern Thailand, Wang Chomphu puts prints of fruits, flowers, and animals onto flowing scarves, loose-fitting coats, and relaxed pants. This season’s graphics include durians, wild-cat orchids tigers, and Siam Tigers - skillfully combining playful designs with traditional cultural motifs.

For customers who prefer a more subdued luster, the silk will wear in beautifully after a delicate hand-wash with extremely mild soap. Don’t miss the chance to pick up a piece or two from this rare collection.


Available for purchase in-store and online.