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Engineered Garments and K-Way® come together for their first-ever collaboration. Take a look to see how Daiki Suzuki fuses his minimalist graphics and lines within the K-Way® identity.

 K-Way® was born in Paris in 1965, on a rainy day. Clothes retailer Léon-Claude Duhamel observed people rushed by in soaking wet clothes, with uncomfortable umbrellas. He had an idea: creating the first windproof and waterproof packable jacket in history. 

More than 45 years later, Engineered Garments offers an update on this classic brand’s lineup. The collection comprises five styles: a classic buttoned field jacket, a zip-up jacket, a brand- new pair of dungarees, a bucket hat and a holster bag. Each item celebrates the signature elements of both brands – the iconic profiles that characterise EG and the unmistakable materials that have long defined K-Way® – and comes in a selection of different colourways: plain beige and black, a playful animal motif, and a soft graphic print in blue tones.

Of particular note are the animal motif and graphic print. 

The animal print is presented in traditional shades camouflage colors: olives, khakis and browns. Seen from a distance, this pattern may appear as a conventional desert camo, but on closer inspection, the hidden animals make their appearance. 

For the graphic print, shots of Manhattan’s Garment District are interspersed onto the nylon fabric, creating an abstract and dreamy vision of New York City. The hues of green and blue are interwoven in order to mimic the appearance of a Black Watch tartan plaid - one of Engineered Garments favorite patterns.   

The result? Daiki’s minimalist graphics and lines are fused with K-Way®’s 100% nylon fabric in a profound exploration of untouched style territory.

Engineered Garments x K-Way® is available for purchase in-store and online.