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[NOW IN STOCK] On Running Shoes

The story of On begins with Olivier Bernhard in Zürich, Switzerland. An Ironman champion and duathlon champion, Mr. Bernhard was forced to retire from competitive running due to pain in his Achilles tendon injury.  Teaming up with friends David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti he set out to create a low-impact shoe that would lend itself to long-distance running without causing excessive pain. 

While developing their own shoe, the engineers at On noticed that traditional running shoes only absorbed vertical impact via the air paid, rubber, or gel in the shoe’s sole. The horizontal impact is not absorbed and contributes to muscle damage and causes lingering pain. 

To counter this, On’s team developed the CloudTec™ system, which absorbs both vertical and horizontal forces. Starting with the cylindrical shape of a garden hose to develop a cushion to offset contact with the road, the company successfully developed a special material composed of 13 flexible rubber components that On calls “clouds”. This technology interlocks upon impact, providing a solid surface for push-off, allowing runners to endure extremely long distances while sustaining lower heart rates and minimal muscle fatigue. 

Nepenthes NY is stocking two On models - the On Cloud and On Cloud Waterproof. Both models employ On’s CloudTec™ system, and are equally suited to running as to everyday use.  

Available in an array of colorways, customers can choose their favorite style.



On Running shoes are available for purchase in-store.