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[NOW IN STOCK] Michigan Ladder x Nepenthes NY


2' Tradesman Ladder




2' Wood Step Ladder


Founded in 1901, Michigan Ladder is the oldest ladder manufacturer in the United States. The company has taken care to preserve manufacturing methods over its nearly 110 year history, continuing the same techniques to make wood ladders as were present during its founding.


Placing value on heritage, Michigan Ladder has remained in the same Ypsilanti, MI location since its establishment, and still uses the original buildings ("the barns") for fabrication. 


Today, the company’s products are sold almost exclusively to the commercial industrial market -  electricians, fire departments, and the military - illustrating the company’s trusted reputation for products that deliver in highly demanding situations. 

Nepenthes NY is proud to stock Michigan Ladder’s 2’ Tradesman Ladder and 2' Wood Step Ladder, featuring the Nepenthes NY logo wood-burned onto the top step. Constructed from southern yellow pine, the ladder is durable and sustainable. Suitable for the home or workplace, this item is easily storable, giving an easy step up to hard-to-reach places.


Michigan Ladder x Nepenthes NY products are available for purchase in-store.