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[NOW IN STOCK] Engineered Garments x Alden Special Order Algonquin V-Tip Blucher #8 Shell Cordovan.

Nepenthes NY is excited to announce the release of a new
Engineered Garments x Alden
Special Order Algonquin V-Tip Blucher with Commando Sole, Color #8 Shell Cordovan.
This model features the Commando sole. Modeled on Alden’s original leather sole, the Commando features a rubber lug sole on the front half and heel of the shoe, connected to the leather portion by an overlap joint, which fits in like a jigsaw puzzle. This rubber component allows the shoes to function throughout weather conditions, giving it more flexibility than a traditional leather sole.
But perhaps the most appealing point of this model is the use of Horween Color #8 Shell Cordovan, a coveted material among leather connoisseurs. In contrast to the previously released model’s Horween Chromexcel leather, Cordovan leather does not come from a cow. Instead, this special material is sourced from the connective tissue, or “shell” found on the rump of a horse. The leather is not pebbled and gives the material an extra smooth look.
Horween’s proprietary process to make their Cordovan leather, which takes place over many months, hasn’t changed in over 100 years. First, the raw material is treated with salts and water, before crystallized tree bark extract is applied. This concentration of tree bark extract is what allows the finished product to keep its sheen without the application of additional waxes.

Cordovan leather is notoriously difficult to dye, which gives the material a narrower range of color’s compared to traditional bovine leathers. Horween leather developed their signature aniline red dye, the exact recipe of which is considered a trade secret in the industry.

Depending on how many times the shells are dipped in this dye, the color of the resulting leather is termed #2, #4, #6, or #8. The Color #8 Shell Cordovan contains the highest concentration of dye and the deepest and richest red color. Although quite delicate, with proper care, a pair of shoes made with Horween’s #8 Shell Cordovan will acquire a deep, vibrant, and directional red sheen over time.
The Alden Shoe Company has many years of experience crafting shoes using Horween Leather’s #8 Shell Cordovan. Still today, collectors and aficionados of Alden shoes seek out and prize the special quality of this equine leather, recognizing the leather’s rich color and characteristic shine. Nepenthes NY is proud to exclusively stock this special order item.

These Engineered Garments x Alden Special Order Algonquin V-Tip Blucher with Commando Sole, Color #8 Shell Cordovan are available for purchase in-store and online.