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Garments District Productions (GDP) - First collection

The story of Garments District Productions (GDP) begins in November 2020, at 307 W. 38th Street, the location of Nepenthes New York. In the basement of the store, which houses a small studio and a handful of desks, the store’s staff was busy at work, brainstorming ideas for a new brand to stock at the shop.
Amongst crumpled sheets of paper scrawled with lists of names and design sketches, an idea began to take shape, centering around the notion of creating a new line which exists at the core of Nepenthes New York - its staff, and its identity within Manhattan’s Garment District.
The result is GDP - Nepenthes New York’s newest line, and its first project conceived and designed entirely by its staff. This first release consists of a series of T-shirts and hoodies, each of which feature a tag that represents the heart of GDP: “HELL’S KITCHEN”, “GARMENT DISTRICT”, and the neighborhood zip code - “10018”. Simple and clean, these items are designed to be worn casually.
In the months to come, there will be more information to come regarding the people behind this project - the staff of Nepenthes New York - as well as further releases from the GDP label.
GDP items are available for purchase in-store and online.