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Nepenthes NY is excited to announce the second part of the collaborative project between Nepenthes and Master & Dynamic. Following the launch of the Needles MW07 Plus Earbuds come the Engineered Garments MW65 over-the-ear headphones. 

Established in New York in 2014, Master & Dynamic combines sophisticated design and high quality materials to create audio products with premium sound quality. Helmed by a father-son duo, in the short time since their founding the company’s products have garnered acclaim from audio professionals and sonic enthusiasts. 

Engineered Garments designer Daiki Suzuki had long thought about selling some kind of audio equipment at Nepenthes New York, looking for headphones that could be used when enjoying movies and music on an airplane. When the chance arose to create headphones and support a family-owned New York-based business, Daiki saw an ideal opportunity to include music as an element of the Nepenthes New York experience. This collaboration is a combination of subtle dark navy and black that seems to be all black at first glance. The logo is also inconspicuous. The difference in color and the logo can be recognized only by the person who is using it - designed for people who understand such an unusual commitment. The battery also has a long life that covers flights from NY to Tokyo without a hitch.

The MW65 model was chosen for its traditional shape which conceals modern functionality - much like the Engineered Garments brand. Over the ear headphones conjure up the image of plugging into your record player and spending the evening listening to your favorite albums. The MW65’s 3.5mm audio port will let you do just that. However, the headphones are also built with Bluetooth capabilities, letting the user pair the headphones to a smartphone for listening on-the-go.

The headphones are constructed with beryllium drivers - the component responsible for translating electrical signals to audio output - for superior acoustic performance.  Able to switch between High Power and Low Power Active Noise-canceling mode and passive noise isolation, the MW65 provides lets in all the sound you want, and none of the noise you don’t. 

Each pair features asymmetrically colored earpads and headband in black and navy, giving the headphones a subtle playfulness. The Engineered Garments logo can be found along the headband and speaker housing, as well as on the included cloth carrying case. 


The specially designed wireless Engineered Garments MW65 headphones will be available for purchase on Saturday, May 15th, in-store and online.