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「Dead Feelings」

From the mind of Kenzo Minami comes Dead Feelings, a T-shirt line that embodies the New York-based designer’s love for graphic design. After a brief hiatus, merchandise from this coveted brand is back in stock at Nepenthes New York.
Following a stint studying Literature and Western Philosophy at a prestigious Japanese university, Kenzo set off to America in pursuit of his dreams, graduating with a degree in Industrial Design from New York City’s Parsons School of Design. Working in the commercial world of television production after graduating, he turned to graphic design as an outlet for his pure expression of creativity.
Beginning by making and giving away stickers and small items to friends, his work quickly garnered attention, culminating in an acclaimed Reebok collaboration, art exhibitions, and numerous other creative projects. A chance meeting with Engineered Garments designer Daiki Suzuki outside one of the Nepenthes Sample Sales turned into a t-shirt project - designed by Kenzo and operated by Nepenthes.
The name initially came from a vague idea that was kicking around Kenzo’s head: “Dead Feelings”. He was attracted to the universality of the two words. At once mundane but also applicable to many aspects of daily life: something dramatic that might be found written on the margins of a highschooler’s notebook, or the emotions after a difficult breakup in one’s later life. The name, like the clothes he makes, show something that is simple enough to have infinite depth, allowing customers to interpret the meaning in their own way.
This release includes three designs, printed on colorful fabrics, making them ideal for summer weather. Take a step into Kenzo’s world with one of these highly sought after graphic T-shirts.
Dead Feelings is available for purchase on May 26th in-store and online at