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Fabric Insight - Cotton Sheeting

Welcome back to FABRIC INSIGHT, a series that delves into the background of Engineered Garments fabrics. This time, we focus on Cotton Sheeting, a crisp, medium-weight fabric in the Engineered Garments SS23 collection.

The Engineered Garments sense of style comes from simple concepts shown in unusual ways. In the eyes of Daiki Suzuki, a particular line of stitching, button placement, or extra pocket can unlock the essence of a piece of clothing. This notion extends to fabric selection. This season's Cotton Sheeting encapsulates this idea, as the simplicity of this textile develops into a symbol of the season's theme.

The Engineered Garments Spring Summer 2023 collection is rooted in the artwork and personal style of Senegalese artist Issa Samb, known for expressing his views on society and politics through his sculptures, plays, and poetry, as well as through his unconventional fashion sense, which featured a mix of patterns, textures, and vibrant colors - reflecting the vibrancy of his Dakar neighborhood. Drawing inspiration from the artist's persona, Daiki collected ethnic fabrics and silhouettes from cultures around the world, uniting under the Engineered Garments aesthetic.

India, renowned for its rich textile heritage, plays a vital role as a fabric source for Engineered Garments, especially for this season. While other manufacturers may excel in achieving a precise weave or employ expensive yarn, there exists an intangible quality in authentic Indian fabrics ingrained over generations. It is a quality that cannot be replicated or defined—a result of the subtle lessons passed down through time.

This sheeting fabric, which comes from an Indian mill, is primarily known for its utilization in sheets and other bed linens thanks to its softness. The fabric is produced in a considerable width to accommodate the dimensions of linens, which is useful when making items like the Sarrouel Pants, which require wide pieces of fabric. Another standout feature of the sheeting fabric is its durability, making it suitable for machine washing and drying.

However, the fabric appealed to Daiki for more than its technical capabilities. When crafted 100% cotton, Cotton Sheeting develops a slight wrinkle. While conventional clothesmakers might see the wrinkles as a negative trait, Daiki used them to convey a rustic, homespun quality.

The textile's most attractive quality is its unique color pattern. The Olive, Rust, and Yellow palette calls to mind the earth tones of Issa Samb's wardrobe and the colors commonly found in folk clothing worldwide. But there is an added layer of depth, as the initial roll of fabric used for making samples was uneven in color due to how the mill stored the roll exposed to sunlight. Daiki requested the mill to change the dyeing process to create this uneven patina for the rest of the fabric yardage. As a result, each garment made from the Cotton Sheeting features a unique finish, adding a layer of character and further demonstrating the season's vision.

The Spring Summer 2023 Cotton Sheeting fabric represents a large part of the Engineered Garments spirit, combining simplicity and comfort with a twist, turning a minor detail into a significant thematic element.

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