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Nepenthes New York presents Hells Kitchen, an editorial.

Photo: Michael Marquez @mike_smalls
Stylist: Morgan Jimenez @mtaylerj
Assistant: Samatha Vogel @samanthaa.vogel
Model: Ak @idontknow.ak
Model: Leon Xu @ moderndayconfucius

Needles SS23 - Track Jacket - Stripe - Poly Jacquard

South2 West8 SS23 - Belted C.S. Pant - Pink - Cotton Twill

Troentorp - Durer - Black/Natural

South2 West8 SS23 - Trucker Cap - Orange - S2W8 Tenkara Emb.

South2 West8 SS23 - Crew Neck Sweat Shirt - Beaverhead River (Olive/Sax) - Poly Jersey

South2 West8 SS23 - Smokey Shirt - Indigo - Cotton Splashed Pattern Cloth/Crazy

Needles SS23 - Track Jacket - Star - Poly Jacquard

South2 West8 SS23 - Army String Pant - Bordeaux - Batik Pt.

Troentorp - Durer - Black/Natural

S2W8 Bags - Canal Park Tote Classic - Suntan - Sunforger


Needles SS23 - All Purpose Jacket - Olive / Black - Poly Ripstop / Printed

Engineered Garments SS23 - Popover BD Shirt - White Handkerchief Linen

South2 West8 SS23 - Belted C.S. Short - Green - Cotton Twill

Troentorp - Durer - Black/Natural

Engineered Garments SS23 - Carry All Tote - Gold Geometric Pattern


South2 West8 SS23 - Packable Jacket - Olive - Nylon Typewriter

Troentorp - Durer - Black/Natural

Needles SS23  - String Boot-cut Pant - Black - Lace Cloth

Needles SS23 - Elastic Pochette - Paisley Lame


South2 West8 SS23 - Boulder Shirt - Moss - Poly Stretch Twill

South2 West8 SS23 - Bush Crewneck Shirt - Horn Camo Mesh

Engineered Garments SS23 - FA Pant - Dk. Navy - Feather PC Twill

Engineered Garments SS23 - Banded Collar Long Shirt - Yellow/ Blue Paisley

Rhodolirion SS23 - Folding Hat - Rhodo Plaid

Needles SS23 - H.D. Military Pant - Black Cotton Twill

Needles SS23 - C.P. Coat - Poly Chambray

South2 West8 SS23 - Belted C.S. Short - Orange - C/N Grosgrain

Rhodolirion SS23 - Jacquard Socks - Gold

South2 West8 SS23- S/S 6 Pocket Shirt - Mustard Batik 

South2 West8 SS23 - Belted C.S. Pant - Pink Cotton Twill

Needles SS23 - Award Jacket - Blue Acetate Sateen

Rhodolirion SS23 - Sailor Dress - Ivory Silk Cotton

South2 West8 SS23 - Trucker Cap - Black

South2 West8 SS23 - Stole - Black/Grey Elephant Batik

Michael Marquez is a photographer based in New York City. 

Michael got his start working for the world famous Milk Studios. Michael's extensive knowledge of lighting pared with his charismatic approach to photography has made him a frequent collaborator with brands such as Uniqlo and Nautica. His work can be seen in publications like Esquire and New Order Magazine.