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Welcome back to "DEEP DIVE" where we take a look into the inspiration behind some of our favorite Engineered Garments pieces. In this installation, we are featuring the "Liner Jacket", a modern reimagining of the liners which were included with army field jackets. 

Our story begins with one of the most tinkered with military items: the US Army Field Jacket. First introduced in 1941 the M1941 Field Jacket (sometimes called the OD Cotton Field Jacket) was a long overdue overhaul to combat uniforms which hadn’t been updated since WWI. Despite wartime material shortages and factions within the army who clashed over design differences, the M-1943’s Field Jacket was brought out two years later, incorporating some of the soldiers’ battle-tested requests like extended length, more pockets, and a darker shade of green.  

One crucial improvement in this model was the inclusion of the Olive Drab Pile Field Jacket (368A Jacket). Made for use underneath the M-1943, this jacket had a poplin shell with a woolen or alpaca pile lining underneath, allowing soldiers to keep warm in cold-weather conditions. In 1948, the short-lived updated M-1943-MQ1 became the first field jacket with a system on the inside to attach a liner to the external field jacket itself. From then on this attachable liner system became standard for all US Army Field Jackets, with the recognizable M-1951 Field Jacket Liner, which was made from whatever fabric was available: wool, alpaca or even mohair. 

In 1965, as the first Marines landed on Da Nang beach, the US Military unveiled the M-65 Field Jacket - the most iconic field jacket of all time, which would remain in use until 2009. With its long length, package hood, and comfortable box shape this updated version was extremely popular. It also came with a new cold weather system - a collarless liner made from sturdy nylon ripstop over a warm lofted polyester insulation - creating a warm and durable inner garment. 

As soldiers returned home from war, these field jackets - and their liners - became ubiquitous on American streets. Inspired by this rich history, Engineered Garments’ designer Daiki Suzuki created his own version - the Engineered Garments Liner Jacket. This unique item combines elements from each iteration, while adding a new perspective. 

The first major change is the addition of length and a fish-tail hem, original to EG. Likewise, we can see button-snap slash pockets and the distinctive snap and button front closure. Many of the remaining details come from directly from the military-issued liners, such as the armpit opening, sleeve tab, and use of fake shearling lining on certain fabrics. Those without it take advantage of PrimaLoft, the synthetic insulation first used by the U.S. Army in the 1980’s, which keeps the wearer dry even when wet. The Liner Jackets detachable hood is a nod to the M-65’s Extreme Cold Weather Parka Hood. 


The Liner Jacket is an Engineered Garments original item - packed with history and details. Fully reversible, this unique outerwear will keep you warm through the cold winter months. 

The Liner Jacket is available the following fabrics:

  • Black Nylon Micro Ripstop
  • Brown Nylon Micro Ripstop
  • Olive Nylon Micro Ripstop
  • Dark Navy Nylon Micro Ripstop
  • Black Polyester Pilot Twill
  • Olive Drab Polyester Pilot Twill

Available in-store and online at