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Welcome back to "DEEP DIVE" where we take a look into the inspiration behind some of our favorite Engineered Garments pieces. In this installation, we are featuring the "IAC Pant", an army-style new introduction to the Fall/Winter 2021 Season, inspired by Italian Army fatigues. 

Italy is known for its luxury products - fine wine, leather goods, and of course high fashion. This stylish streak extends even to its soldiers’ uniforms. The Italian Armed Forces sport some of the slickest fatigues in the world, especially their army pants - the source of the inspiration for the Engineered Garments IAC Pant.

IAC stands for Italian Army Combat, referring specifically to the Modello Roma 75, the battledress responsible for replacing the country's outdated M1955 fatigues in 1971. The Engineered Garments version stays largely faithful to the original version, with a bit of classic EG tinkering. In a unique military style, the leg starts wide near the waist, and tapers slightly toward the bottom, as opposed to the straight leg style of most fatigue pants. This detail gives speed of movement in the field and still allows some layering. Near the hem of the pants is the zippered bottom, built to be easy to wear with army boots that extend above the ankle. The built-in zipper can adjust the size of the hem, depending on if the soldier chooses to wear the pants above the boot or below. A small but charming detail - the zipper portion is not concealed, installed instead with a sewn-in patch of fabric, giving each pair of subtle but important contrast on the hem.

Moving up the pants we come across knee patches which are reinforced with top stitching for extra durability - a component of the reference item that naturally coincides with the EG spirit. Next, we arrive at the top of the pants, where even more twists come in. Behind the original flap pockets, Engineered Garments designer Daiki Suzuki cleverly tucks two slash pockets, for more storage. A quintessentially Nepenthes inclusion, these pockets have to be seen from close up to be noticed, and contain unexpected depth. 

The pegtop leg with pleated front juxtapose the cinched hem, giving these pants a contrasting look that stands out in a crowd. Belt loops are available at the waist for those who prefer a belt, and of course a twill tape drawstring is installed for those on the go.

For the Fall/Winter 21 season, these pants are made in sturdy Cotton Double Cloth, available in Black, Khaki, Navy and Olive for a military feel. However, there is also the Brown/Orange Wool Poly Glen Plaid available for those who want a soliderlike silhouette in a dressier fabric. 

The IAC Pant is available in the following fabrics:

  • Black Cotton Double Cloth
  • Khaki Cotton Double Cloth
  • Navy Cotton Double Cloth
  • Olive Cotton Double Cloth
  • Brown/Orange Wool Poly Glen Plaid

Available in-store and online at