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EG Workaday exists beyond season, trend, or theme. Specializing in true workwear, Workaday commits to making most of its products all of the time, with just a few exceptions - one of which is the sweat collection, produced for Fall/Winter 2021. Introducing the EG Workaday Utility Sweat Hoody, Utility Sweat Crew Neck, and the Sweat Pants. 

In the early days of Nepenthes, when the company was still just one tiny store in a tucked away corner of Tokyo, Keizo Shimizu and Daiki Suzuki hunted for the best American products, one of which was Champion’s Reverse Weave, heavyweight fleece garments beloved for their sturdiness and unique construction method. In this new collection, Daiki Suzuki creates his own take on this hardy American garment.

All of the items in the EG Workaday Sweat collection are made from reverse weave fabric - a manufacturing technique that knits yarn horizontally across the garment, as opposed to the vertical weave found on most sweatshirts and sweatpants. What’s so great about this procedure?  It reduces vertical shrinking, meaning that these items will last longer while keeping their shape.


In addition to the reverse weave, heritage American sweats need a fabric with the right balance, both in terms of weight and makeup. The orthodox style is not 100% cotton, but rather a blend of cotton and synthetic fibers (some traditional hoodies would even include rayon). For these EG Workaday sweats, there are two fabrics to choose from: the 9oz CP Fleece, made from 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester, and the 12oz CP Fleece which has a 94% Cotton, 6% Polyester blend - combinations that provide a delightful stretchiness and distinctive heather color. 

Just as important as the fabric is the construction. Both the Utility Sweat Hoody and Utility Sweat Shirt feature ribbing along the bottom hem and around the cuffs, for a snug and comfortable fit, in addition to the paneling on the side. The Hoody does away with drawstrings in favor of two convenient snaps.  Even more notable, both the Hoody and Sweat Shirt have a pouch pocket on the front, a rare feature for a crewneck. The extended stitching around this pouch pocket is a nod to vintage sweats, whose factories had no time to stop the sewing machine for a clean stitch. 

The Sweat Pants are also completed in a traditional style, with two standard slash pockets, stretch gusset, and waist drawstring (in signature EG twill tape). Somewhat out of character however, is the ribbing on the pants - more common to Japanese sweatpants than American - which provides an original appearance. 

There is one last piece to the collection - the Combo Sweat Pants, Raglan Hoody, and Raglan Crewneck, inspired by vintage Champion colorblock items. Also reverse weave, these are constructed from panels made from 100% cotton heavy fleece in heather grey, dark heather grey, navy, black, and bottle green - creating a daring, one-of-a-kind look. With a slightly different makeup, the Hoody and Crewneck combo items feature raglan sleeves, and the crew sports a peculiar cross crew neckline. 


All of these products are crafted with attention and affection - keeping the best of the old and adding a touch of the new to create a modern American classic. 


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