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Nepenthes New York is proud to stock the Troentorp Swedish clog. Named after the small village of Troentorp, located just outside of Båstad, (the name under which the clogs were formerly marketed) in southern Sweden, the company boasts over 100 years of construction expertise. 

These clogs are made with comfort in mind, providing support for the wearer’s feet and back, due to the raised heel and orthopedic arch support. Additionally, the 100% natural Alderwood material from which they are made is mildly water-absorbent, keeping feet dry throughout the day. 

History of the Clog

At its heart, the clog is a worker’s shoe. Its wooden construction allowed for low manufacturing cost and ample foot protection - making this simple piece of footwear favored by farmers, millers, and numerous other laborers for centuries across continental Europe. 

Following the end of the second World War, modern assembly procedures were introduced, and many consumers turned to contemporary shoes that were built from synthetic materials. Sweden was one of the few locations that continued supporting its traditional wooden clog manufacturing methods.

Although absent from the factory floor, clogs saw a resurgence as fashionable footwear throughout Europe in the late 1950’s and 60’s. Far from being worn only by women, they were often worn by distinguished male actors, and usually without socks. 

But the real explosion in popularity came in the 1970’s, when the clogs hitched a ride to America, taking center stage in the hippie and craze of the period. Sported by rockstars, artists, and celebrities - men and women alike - it was a badge of acceptance into the era’s earthy, groovy movement. 

Clogs remain a fixture of modern fashion, and Troentorp’s simple design provides an accessible entry point for all ages into the footwear’s storied history. A real piece of Scandanavian history, these reasonably-priced clogs look just as good today as they did 50 or 100 years ago.

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