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Aurora Shoe Co.

Additional inventory of Middle English shoes from Aurora Shoe Co. has just arrived at Nepenthes, New York. Stylish, comfortable, and available in-store and online at

The Middle English is a distillation of quality and simplicity. The monk strap design, which has existed for decades, boasts a Vibram outsole and a two-piece construction on the uppers. The adjustable strap encircles the heel, providing a customizable fit. Since the early 1990s, Aurora Shoe Co. has been crafting Middle English shoes with utmost care, employing a select group of skilled artisans in the rural village of Aurora, New York.

Each step of production is focused on quality, starting with the leather. The company sources the leather from Horween Leather Co. in Chicago, renowned for its Chromexcel leather—a vegetable-tanned pull-up leather cherished by leather enthusiasts for its lustrous finish and supple feel. The leather is then meticulously attached to a Vibram sole, which can be replaced when necessary, guaranteeing years of uninterrupted usage.

The entire process - stitching, assembly, and packaging - is conducted by hand, leaving every pair with an indelible mark of American craftsmanship.