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The Birkenstock Boston

The Birkenstock Boston - Soft Footbed is available at Nepenthes New York, in-store and online at

The clog-inspired Boston debuted in 1979 to provide access to the Birkenstock footbed during the colder months. This model’s soft footbed features a padded foam insert, making them easier to wear in.

Engineered Garments designer Daiki Suzuki encountered Birkenstock during the early 1980s, where Popeye Magazine showed it as part of American youth style. He bought a pair of Zurichs and became addicted to the sandal’s comfort, and they still often appear on both Daiki’s feet and in his lookbooks.

Birkenstock came to the United States during the 1960s. First sold in Californian health-food stores, the no-frills sandals were adopted by the Berkeley countercultural movement, and have remained a style icon since.

Though beloved by the fashion world, Birkenstock is an orthopedic company at heart. The brand considers its products as merely a delivery system for the signature Birkenstock cork footbed - a unique technology that conforms to the foot, encouraging flexibility and strength.

The Birkenstock Boston is an exceptional product, handmade in Germany and blending extreme comfort with singular design.