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Nepenthes New York and GROOVER come together to create a special collaborative version of GROOVER’s GOROUND model. 

While GROOVER founder Masataka Nakajima was running his family optical business, he noticed that there were no products on the market made from the perspective of an optician. 

He decided to upend conventional products and apply traditional Tokyo craftsmanship while creating challenging designs through his own firm, GROOVER. 

GROOVER exists beyond season, theme, or concept. That being said, their products have major features that cannot be found in existing eyewear products. This is especially apparent in the glasses frame. Manually cut in their Yokohama factory, they are able to execute complicated and multifaceted cuts that cannot be achieved through machining. The frames have a glossy luster that is created by applying different abrasives and buffs, each specific to the design, fabric, and color of the frames.

This time, Nepenthes New York has commissioned a special version of the GROOVER GOROUND model. Usually released as prescription glasses, this time it is outfitted with a UV-cut color lens made from CR39 plastic, in order to be used as sunglasses. Furthermore, the frame color has been specially blended for Nepenthes New York, not existing in the regular GROOVER collection. 

The GOROUND model expresses "thinking", conveying how one will always return to the same answer no matter how much one thinks. At its core, it relates a mentality similar to Zen questions, sometimes turning corners and sometimes spinning around. The acetate portion of the irregular polygonal form and the rounded titanium rim represent this "thinking". Finally, in a touch of understated branding, the NEPENTHES NY logo is engraved on the inside of the temple frame.

The Nepenthes New York x GROOVER 'GOROUND' will be available for purchase in-store and online, starting Friday, May 7th.