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[Special Release] Engineered Garments - Nepenthes New York Special - Cotton Linen Collection

As many are aware, Engineered Garments exists within the Nepenthes label, and Engineered Garments products are sold in shops around the world.
What many may not know is that each season, there are a handful of items that are not sold anywhere else in the world - other than Nepenthes New York.
These super-exclusive items are called NNY Specials (Nepenthes New York Specials). This season, Nepenthes New York is proud to stock two NNY Specials, the NB Jacket in Cotton Linen and the Andover Pant.
Each garment is constructed from a cotton linen blend - 55% Cotton and 45% Linen. Customers may be familiar with this fabric, used on certain EG Workaday pieces. This fabric is 100% natural, as linen and cotton are derived from flax and cotton plants, respectively.
This means that the fabric is more breathable and environmentally friendly than comparable synthetic materials.
But perhaps the most attractive quality of this fabric is its ability to retain shape. Standard linen is extremely prone to wrinkling, making some people reluctant to spend money on clothes that are hard to take care of.
The cotton mix of the fabric is light enough to offset the stiffness of linen, creating a product that contains the best of both worlds.
Don’t miss the chance to pick up one of these ultra rare Engineered Garments pieces.
The NB Jacket NNY Special and Andover Pant NNY Special are available for purchase in-store and online.