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NEEDLES X SUICOKE collaborative sandals, on sale starting Thursday, April 29th.

Suicoke, the Japanese footwear brand, notable for releasing items which incorporate traditional Japanese patterns and designs has teamed up with NEEDLES to release a unique pair of sandals based on the Japanese “setta” construction.

Utilizing a distinctly Japanese silhouette, the sandals incorporate original fabric developed in NEEDLES Spring/Summer 2021 collection for along the thong and the attached storage bag. The nylon materials, which are light and silky to the touch, are printed with plant and flower motifs, giving the shoes a sporty feeling with a traditional finish.

Even more distinctive is the "WURSTEL SOLE" developed by VIBRAM which is used for the outsole. This uneven wavy sole allows the sandals to be stored and carried compactly by overlapping the left and right sides to make a perfect connection. The result is an item that is not only visually impactful but also functional.

All three colors are available for purchase in-store and online, starting Thursday, April 29th.