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Engineered Garments Workaday - Military Graffiti, available exclusively at Nepenthes New York. 

Introducing a special capsule collection of Engineered Garments Workaday items, printed with original motifs. These stamped designs are done in the mode of military graffiti, executed in an Engineered Garments style that is unique to New York. 

While the battlefield may seem like the last place for artistic intention to blossom, military graffiti has existed for hundreds of years. A method for soldiers to while away the hours, intimidate the enemy, or express the absurdity of war, scribbles and marking have cropped up in war zones all over the world.


This time, Brooklyn-based artist Manabu “Gaku” Inada provides his own take on this enduring form of expression. First encountering military graffiti from decals included with a scale model airplane more than 40 years ago, Gaku delved further in his research. With inspiration taken from victory markings painted on the sides of warbirds, vintage industrial manuals, and even the words of prominent color theorist and Bauhaus member Johannes Itten, the underlying references which inform his designs stretch from 1760 to 1973.  Fans of Engineered Garments may also be familiar with some of these drawings, which appeared on the printed bandanas earlier this year.

Not merely faithful reproductions, these military graffiti motifs cleverly convey a hidden meaning. Without giving too much away, the letters and numbers hint at both Engineered Garments references and locations around New York City. 

When printed on Engineered Garments Workaday items - the season-less, orthodox workwear companion brand to Engineered Garments - these same designs create a collection that captures the abiding essence of New York City. The large silhouettes and industrial cut of these garments embellished with astringent military graffiti designs make them the perfect match for the city’s busy streets. 

Found only at Nepenthes New York, don’t miss your chance to grab one of these extraordinary pieces. Available for purchase in-store and online at