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Rhodolirion Spring Summer 2024 Original Textiles

The Rhodolirion Spring Summer 2024 collection introduces vibrant and original textiles adorned with colorful motifs of flowers, birds, and animals, perfectly encapsulating the theme of "Southwest Travelogue."

This season features four new items that showcase the beauty of peaceful hand embroidery expressed through transfer printing, now available in-store and online at

The collection's materials include a soft polyester twill with a matte texture, ensuring elegance and comfort. Key highlights of the collection are:

  • The Shirts JK: This piece offers a clean, coat-like form for a sophisticated look.
  • The Poncho Top: Inspired by ethnic costumes, this short-length top adds a unique touch to any outfit.
  • The Fete Pant: These pants have a slightly tapered silhouette for easy wear.
  • The Fete Dress: Available in multiple variations, this primitive design features playful ruffles on the cuffs.

The Rhodolirion Spring Summer 2024 collection invites fashion enthusiasts to embrace a unique aesthetic and add a touch of artistic flair to their wardrobe.