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Now available at Nepenthes New York: SKATERSOCKS.

The narrative of skateboarding socks traces back to California. As surfers adapted their beloved sport to land, skateboarding's popularity soared, cultivating a close-knit community. Tube socks adorned with colorful stripes—often to represent local sports teams—became a symbol of inclusion within this emerging culture, earning the nickname "skate socks."

By the 1960s, as skateboarding became a national phenomenon, these socks became a fundamental element of American culture. Despite their decline in the 1980s and 1990s, the founders of Skatersocks launched their business in 2003, determined to revive this iconic style. Their tube socks, made from 100% cotton and available in various color combinations, echo the classic 1960s design and are proudly Made in the USA. Whether pulled up or rolled down to ankle length, these socks maintain their stylish appeal.

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