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BLANK: SS24 Edition

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About the Brand

BLANK is an experimental New York-based women's collection that reimagines traditional workwear, military apparel, and uniforms as womenswear, reflecting designer Youngji Cho's personal experiences and vision.

Though thematically split into fall/winter and spring/summer collections, BLANK's garments transcend traditional seasonal concepts, offering year-round versatility.

BLANK embodies a philosophy of transformation and versatility, marked by a blank logo that symbolizes the brand's potential and open-ended nature.

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About the Spring/Summer Edition

The spring/summer edition of BLANK explores my conception of uniforms - examining their functionality, group belonging, and capacity for individual expression.

As I began work on the collection, I found myself thinking of the uniforms I wore to middle school in South Korea. Like many middle-schoolers, I considered my school uniform restrictive and boring, only to appreciate its practicality and sense of belonging as I grew older.

Perhaps influenced by my fascination with Sailor Moon, the summer uniform—a sailor style with a distinctive large collar—became my favorite. Pairing it with gym pants or a longer skirt allowed me to express myself within the uniform's confines.

The sailor uniform became the starting point for BLANK's spring/summer edition, as I sought to channel that same sense of comfort and usefulness into my collection.

The sailor uniform gained popularity when Queen Victoria's eldest son, Prince Edward, sported a naval suit for his royal portrait. This trend went on to influence uniforms across the world, including those at my middle school in Korea. Struck by the powerful influence of maritime uniforms, I scoured the clothing of sailors, marines, and navigators worldwide and throughout history. In rugged US Navy Smocks and Royal Navy Pants, I discovered the same signs of belonging and individuality I felt through my school uniform.

This season's collection intertwines these naval influences with memories of my school uniforms. The crest-shaped logos from school inspired the placement of seams, while traditional uniform patterns and palettes appear throughout the collection. Design details include pocket styles from wool sailor shirts, lace-up and patch pockets from sailor pants, and expansive pockets typical of Royal Navy trousers.

The collection examines the conflicting sense of individuality, conformity, and expression inherent in uniforms. BLANK's spring/summer edition presents my interpretation of the naval uniform, embodying a blend of historical homage and contemporary innovation.

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The Drama Bookshop

Miki 1
Blank - Cropped BDU Jacket - Olive - Cotton Ripstop
Engineered Garments SS24 - Rounded Collar Shirt - Navy Candy Stripe - Broadcloth
Engineered Garments SS24 - Neck Tie - Yellow Cotton Floral Satin
Blank - Lace Up Skirt - Blackwatch - Crushed Taffeta
South2 West8 SS24 - Strap Back Cap - Khaki - S&T Emb.
Trickers - Brogue - Brown Multi Tone Morflex

Blank - Sport Rag Knit - Light Blue - PC Jersey
Blank - Crest Half Shirt - Lt. Blue/ Brown/ Green Small Plaid - Cotton
Blank - Lace Up Skirt - Khaki - 6.5oz Flat Twill
Norda - 001 - White - Dyneema
Tory Leather Co. - 1 1/4" Nickel Hoof Pick Belt - Oakbark

Miki 2
Laulhere L'Authentique Ete - Corail - Cotton
Blank - Ike Shirt - Blue - Cotton Chambray
Blank - Crest Half Shirt - Blue/ Natural Stripe Poplin - Cotton
Engineered Garments SS24 - STK Pant - Navy/Natural - Cotton Seersucker
Birkenstock - Boston - Taupe Suede - Soft Footbed

Culture Espresso Coffee Shop

Blank - Cropped BDU Jacket - Navy - Nyco Sateen
Blank - Crest Half Shirt - Blue Medium Pima Stripe
Blank Royal Gaucho Pants - White - Flat Twill
Engineered Garments x Clarks - Desert Khan - Sand

Blank - M51 Dress - Khaki - Micro Sanded Twill
Blank - Royal Gaucho Pants - Olive - Poly Cotton Small Plaid
South2 West8 SS24 - S.S Crew Neck Shirt - Charcoal - Knit Mesh
Baginprogress - Micro Tote - Canvas Nylon - Olive
Nepenthes New York x M&S Schmalberg - NNYFlower Pin - Indigo 12oz Broken Denim
Nepenthes New York x M&S Schmalberg - NNYFlower Pin - Olive Herringbone Twill
Piper Sandal Co. Original - Black

Bryant Park

Blank - YSM Popover Dress - Lime - Superfine Poplin
South2 West8 - Bush Coat - Tie Dye Poly Lightweight Mesh / Print
RhodolirionSS24 - Folding Hat - Khaki - Poplin
Mafia Bag - Sail Pack - Native
EG x Reebok - BB 4000 ll - Gold

Blank - YSM Popover Dress - Blue/ Natural - Stripe Poplin
Blank - M51 Dress - Blue - Cotton Chambray
Ecua Andino - Hippie Hat - Natural
Engineered Garments SS24 - Neckerchief - Red Silk - Palm Tree
Tory Leather Co. - 1 1/4" Nickel Hoof Pick Belt - Oakbark
Trickers - Brogue - Brown Multi Tone Morflex