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Restock: Hats by Ecua-Andino

Nepenthes New York restocks authentic Panama hats by Ecua-Andino.

Crafted from the delicate leaves of the jipijapa palm, these iconic hats are lightweight and breathable. Two designs are available: the timeless Classic Panama and the bohemian-inspired Hippie.

The story of Ecua-Andino began in 1985, when founders Alejandro Lecaro and Édgar Sánchez started their journey on the sandy shores of Guayaquil, Ecuador.

The company retains the art of hand-weaving and attention to detail from its humble beginnings in a small city shop. This craftsmanship results in the signature diamond pattern of the Classic Panama and the unique brick-like texture of the Hippie Hat.

In addition to style, these hats represent an essential piece of Ecuadorian cultural heritage. Contrary to popular belief, the term "Panama Hat" is a misnomer; these hats have deep roots in Ecuadorian history, dating long before the arrival of Spanish colonists.

This blend of tradition and fashion is now available at Nepenthes New York, in-store and online at