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It is hard to define the essence of Engineered Garments. Of course, the brand contains a respect of and love for traditional American clothing, with an emphasis on military-issue and workwear items. But the clothing that Engineered Garments makes are not rote reproductions of old garments.

Along the way they gain an almost mystical quality - an update here or there that introduces a plus and minus - contrasting the large beside small, loud against quiet, dark with light. The Engineered Garments Shoulder Vest is one of the pieces in the Engineered Garments collection that best captures the spirit of this concept. 

Despite its name, the Shoulder Vest’s structure is closer to just half a vest. Worn over the left shoulder, the belt is tucked under the right arm and buckled across the waist. The design has a military-feel, similar to tactical systems used by armed forces to carry ammunition or odd supplies. The three pockets, cleverly arranged around the garment - button closure on the front, zip pocket on the side, and inside pocket - allow the vest to expand when full and lie flat when not in use. Another benefit of this compact size is the Shoulder Vest’s capability to fit into almost any outfit. Above or under a jacket, dressy or informal - the only limitation is the wearer’s imagination. 

Engineered Garments designer Daiki Suzuki terms this kind of item as a tobi dogu (飛び道具). Literally translated from Japanese as projectile, Daiki uses the term to refer to an unexpected, singular item. A tobi dougu changes an entire outfit, and is worn only by a creative few. The responsibility lies with the individual to make an item cool, rather than the physical thing itself, a notion that approaches the core of the Engineered Garments identity. 

  With the Shoulder Vest, a unique style exists for every person. Come to the store and find yours.