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PRESS RELEASE: NEPENTHES in print #20 “Shinjuku Special Feature”

"Nepenthes in print" is a bilingual magazine published by Nepenthes. The latest issue highlights "Shinjuku," a Tokyo neighborhood known for its diverse and unique culture.

This issue focuses on Shinjuku, Tokyo's premier entertainment district, where charming spots where old and new intersect still dot the landscape, attracting attention from around the world. This issue offers a perspective and approach unique to Nepenthes.

The cover and lead pages feature a fashion story-themed "Night in Shinjuku," by stylist Masataka Hattori. This issue also includes an interview with Nepenthes chief Keizo Shimizu talking about Shinjuku, a portrait and interview page with celebrities connected to Shinjuku, a fashion story set in Shinjuku during the day by stylist Tomoyuki Sasaki, and a city guide to carefully selected recommended spots, making for a rich and comprehensive content offering.

"NEON LIGHT STROLL" remixed by Masataka Hattori.
"A PLACE TO BE MY TRUE SELF" interview by Keizo Shimizu.
“Shinjuku Chronicle” featuring Ayumu Nakajima, KOM_I, Hikorohi, and Tomoaki Baba.
"DAY LIGHT STROLL" remixed by Tomoyuki Sasaki.
"Shinjuku A COMFORTABLE COEXISTENCE" interview by Tokuro Aoyagi.
"A HUMAN IN THE PITCHER" by Tsuyoshi Yamashita.
"MY DAILY ESSENTIALS" by Riku Yamazaki.

The magazine will be available at Nepenthes New York, in-store, and online at