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Press Release: EG x Beams+
Grass Field Pant and Midfield Jacket


Engineered Garments reunites with Beams+, a prominent ready-to-wear brand based in Harajuku, to release a unique capsule for the Spring Sumer 2024 season. The EG x Beams+ Midfield Jacket and Grass Field Pant showcase motifs from various clothing genres favored by designer Daiki Suzuki.

These playful items will release exclusively at Nepenthes New York in North America on Friday, May 3rd.

Daiki’s longstanding relationship with Beams spans over thirty years. In the late 2000s, Beams+ enlisted Daiki to create special items, producing the Midfield Jacket and Grass Field Pant. These pieces, named after Beams directors Mssrs. Nakada and Kusano, incorporate design elements from workwear, military apparel, uniforms, hunting gear, and traditional garments.


The Grass Field Pant ingeniously utilizes all four sides, assigning a different style to each: the front features a fatigue-style patch pocket and chino-style slash pocket; the back offers pockets reminiscent of police uniforms and painter pants.

The Midfield Jacket reinterprets the classic American navy blazer, infusing it with diverse American influences, such as a hunting game pocket, a formal ticket pocket, and an Ivy-style hooked vent. Its buttons—crest-embossed and connected via metal loops—add a unique touch, blending multiple stylistic influences.

For this collection, Daiki has chosen fabrics that echo a playful interpretation of classic American aesthetics. The garments are available in two Japanese-made patchwork textiles: one in shades of grey, navy, and white seersucker and another in a mix of olive and brown corduroy, ripstop, and poplin. Additionally, the pants are offered in a made-in-USA Olive Reverse Sateen.


Customers may purchase the EG x Beams+ Grass Field Pant and Midfield Jacket in-store or online at

*Please note that this release is exclusive to Nepenthes New York in North America and is not available for international purchase.

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