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The latest issue of the bilingual magazine "NEPENTHES IN PRINT", published by NEPENTHES, is finally in stock at Nepenthes New York, and is available for purchase in-store and online at

This magazine features the third installment of "for ME, MYSELF AND I" which showcases the "hobbies / life work" of various masters who chose their passion for their work. “NEPENTHES IN PRINT” introduces the world of these multidisciplinary artists and creators in their own words with rich accompanying visuals. 

For the "REMIX" portion of this magazine, stylist Daisuke Araki takes over the direction of this year’s annual fashion story.

Available at NEPENTHES affiliated stores / "NEPENTHES ONLINE STORE", and at all stores handling NEPENTHES products, book stores, etc. 

"NEPENTHES IN PRINT" # 15 retails for $25

A style sample of how to spend your free time in life.

"Do what you like, for yourself. Then you will be free."