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Engineered Garments has teamed up with Easymoc to create a special release product, the Easymoc in Tan Suede, and Beige Crocodile. 

Easymoc may be a young company, but what they lack in age they make up for in devotion to the tenets of American craftsmanship: small-batch production, handmade quality, and just the right amount of innovation. 

Greg Cordeiro, the designer and spearheading force behind Easymoc is a devoted outdoorsman and genuine aficionado of traditional New England Style. In keeping with Greg’s vision, each Easymoc shoe is handcrafted by American craftsmen in Maine, as any good moccasin should be. This true heritage can be seen in the painstaking construction process for each and every shoe.  Sporting a Ortholite Comfort Hybrid Recycled Footbed and top-of-the-line Vibram Camp sole, these shoes don’t skimp on comfort. Perfectly suited for padding around the campground, Easymocs will keep you on your feet all day long. 

Attracted to the company’s combination of traditional roots and trailblazing individuality, he decided to create his own version of the signature Easymoc. Using formal materials like suede and crocodile, Daiki imbued these casual, outdoorsy shoes with a sense of formality. It is this peculiar juxtaposition that defines Nepenthes - mixing high and low together for a product that is one-of-a-kind. As a consequence, these shoes can go anywhere, and wherever they do go, they retain a harmony between rugged and dressy. 


Available in-store and online.