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Now in stock at Nepenthes New York - SKATERSOCKS. 

The story of skateboarding socks begins in California. As surfers sought to recreate their favorite activity on flat ground, skateboarding skyrocketed in popularity, and its adherents quickly created a tight knit culture. Tube socks with colored stripes - often chosen to show support for a local sport team - became a badge of membership into this budding community. Synonymous with skateboarding, these socks were referred to as “skate socks”. 

As skateboarding transformed into a nationwide craze in the 1960’s, skater socks were likewise ubiquitous, transforming into a staple of American culture. However, this cherished piece of Americana faded from popularity in the 1980’s and 1990’s, spurring the creators of Skatersocks to start their own business in 2003. 

 The founders resolved to create their own version. These tube socks are constructed from 100% cotton and are available in an array of color combinations. Just like the classic socks of the 1960’s, these are Made in USA. Pulled up, or rolled down to ankle length, these socks look great however they are styled. 

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