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Ceramics by Miki Sakurada, now available at Nepenthes New York.

Miki Sakurada has lived in New York for 18 years, but her journey into ceramics began in 2010, when she decided to take her very first pottery class.

The lesson was held at Togei Kyoshitsu, a Japanese pottery studio located on W 30th street in the heart of Manhattan. Founded by a Japanese couple who moved to America in the 1970’s, they passed the business on to their daughter, Risa Nishimori whose nerikomi mugs are on display in-store.

After attending Tebineri hand-build classes, which focus on the basics of clay handling, Miki moved on to Rokuro wheel throwing, honing her skills on the more-difficult wheel-made ceramic technique. Today, all of Miki Sakurada’s creations are made in Togei Kyoshitsu’s studio, using a wheel to ensure uniform and well-balanced products.

These one-of-a-kind productions incorporate a mixture of red and black clays, giving the items their signature earthy tone. Once shaped, the dishes are then scraped and embellished before they are applied with multiple layers of glaze and placed in the kiln.

Miki Sakurada’s work contains a mixture of Japanese influence, tempered with a distinctly New York flair. These compact dishes can be used as a jewelry plate, or even as a holder for Nepenthes’ specialty in-house incense - Purple Haze.

Swing by the store and check out these unique ceramic goods, handmade by Miki Sakurada.