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Risa Nishimori’s parents relocated from the Shikoku region of Japan to the United States in the 1970’s, eventually settling in New York City where in 1994 they founded a ceramics studio named Togei Kyoshitsu, which translates into English as “Ceramic Classroom”. 

After growing up in New York City, Risa decided to take over her parents’ studio, under the stipulation that she travel to Japan to study ceramics. During this period she discovered a book on “nerikomi” (練り込み).  Combining the Japanese characters for temper and pack, the nerikomi technique blends various clay components into a single material containing complex patterns. 

Eschewing the orthodox Japanese method to nerikomi, she prefers to approach the art with her own style, fusing Japanese tradition with New York sensibility. Risa compares her creations to human beings, each being unique. 


Risa’s specially made nerikomi mugs for Nepenthes NY combine blue and white clay into a delicate marble pattern. Made from porcelain, a notoriously difficult material to temper, the shape and pattern of each mug is different - ensuring each item is one-of-a-kind.


The Nepenthes NY “nerikomi” mugs are available for purchase in-store.