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 The beret originates from the Basque region of southern France. First made and donned by the shepherds who inhabited the area, the beret protected its wearers against the rainy weather and bitter winters of the region.

Founded by Lucien Laulhère in 1830, Maison Laulhère began to manufacture berets in 1840 and continues to this day. The fabrication process begins in the town of Oloron-Sainte-Mari, located at the foothills of the Pyrenees mountain range. 

First, high quality Merino wool is carded, turned into thread, and knit together. Once the wool fabric is ready, it is darned into the characteristic circular shape of the beret. Next comes the felting process, where the wool is pressed in soapy water, which gives the beret its prized water repellent quality.  The beret is then dyed, shaped, ennobled, and finished by hand.

 Sporting the distinctive ‘cabillou’, or the tail of the beret, and an embroidered patch, Laulhère creates a uniquely French product, enjoyed all over the world.

Nepenthes NY is proud to stock Laulhère’s Beret Authentique.
Available in 8 colors, the beret is available for purchase in-store and online.