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[IN STOCK Tuxedo Jacket - Indigo - 13oz C/L Denim


Keizo Shimizu established Nepenthes in 1988 as an U.S. import goods store. After founding his Needles brand in 1995, he incorporated his extensive knowledge of American roots into his designs, often weaving historical emphasis into his products. The Needles Spring Summer 2022 Tuxedo Jacket - Indigo - 13oz C/L Denim is a shining example of this philosophy, taking inspiration from distinctly American occurrence.


In 1951, legendary vocalist Bing Crosby returned from a hunting trip - sporting his favorite pair of Levi Strauss and Co. blue jeans - and attempted to check into an upscale Vancouver hotel where he was denied a room on the grounds of improper attire. Following his return to the United States, he commissioned a custom-made double-breasted Levi’s tuxedo, constructed of the same denim used on 501 jeans, and adorned with a corsage made of Red Tabs, fixed to the jacket lapel by a cluster of copper rivets. The jacket was presented to Bing during the 1951 Silver State Stampede in Elko, Nevada, and he continued to wear the piece on many occasions during the press run for his film “Here Comes the Groom”.

The Needles Spring Summer 2022 Tuxedo Jacket - Indigo - 13oz C/L Denim is an homage to this legendary fashion item. Though the shape is adjusted to a single-breast, and the Red Tabs are exchanged for tags featuring an “N”, for Nepenthes, the spirit of the jacket remains, reminding us that denim is appropriate for any occasion - it just depends on how you style it.
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