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[FABRIC INSIGHT] Multi Color Polyester Floral Camo

Welcome to FABRIC INSIGHT. With this series, we hope to give our customers a peek into the background of the fabrics that make up your favorite Engineered Garments pieces. Each season, the brand’s items are constructed from a range of fabrics, sourced from all around the world, imbuing each collection with a new dimension and an irreplaceable quality. 

Engineered Garments’ affection for natural fibers runs deep. Many of the brand’s items are manufactured in materials like cotton and wool in order to take advantage of properties like natural breathability or water protection. Other times, utilitarian qualities are purposefully eschewed, sacrificing technical elements for a feeling of grounded authenticity, explaining why a raincoat like the Drizzler Coat is made from easily soak-able Olive Cotton Ripstop or Khaki Double Cloth. Despite this enduring philosophy, a shift has occurred in the last few years, as Daiki has become more receptive to using synthetic fabrics.

A combination of improved technology and response to a changing marketplace have ushered more man-made materials into the Engineered Garments collection. Daiki views this shift as a learning process, as he balances more high-tech qualities like enhanced water resistance with the same raw emotional qualities his products draw from traditional textiles like twill and canvas. Despite any changes that may come, as a fashion brand, focus is ultimately placed on form over function, and the true hi-spec capabilities are left to the professionals.

Italian fabrics are typically chosen for their daring design and inventiveness, illustrated by the Fall Winter 2021 Fair Isle Mohair. The Multi Color Polyester Floral Camo is made in Italy by a small fabric manufacturer that Engineered Garments has worked with for years. Following a personal recommendation by a representative of the company, Daiki ordered a sample of the Multi Color Polyester Floral Camo, a large all-over floral print. 

Although not the manufacturer's intent, he spotted a camouflage pattern among the blossoms, faintly reminiscent of Switzerland’s TAZ 83 military camouflage with its vivid reds and greens. The design absorbs the viewer, weaving a playful tension between the military-style camouflage print visible from afar and the placid impressionist brushstrokes when seen up close.

The hand feel of the Multi Color Polyester Floral Camo is crisp and crunchy, providing a satisfying impression without creating excess noise. The 100% polyester makeup gives it just enough water resistance to create rainy-weather outerwear while avoiding a step into an overly technical category. 

Using this fabric was a no-brainer for Daiki. It forges a harmony between multiple contradictions: military and civilian, technical and unspecialized. Design, when powerful enough, has the ability to overcome any limitations, cracking through defined boundaries to push toward innovation. 

The Engineered Garments Multi Color Polyester Floral Camo is used in the production of the following items for Spring Summer 2022:

  • Atlantic Parka
  • Cover Vest
  • Field Vest
  • Shoulder Pouch

These items are available for purchase in-store and online at