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[IN STOCK] South2 West8 - Multi-Pocket Belted 2 Way Jacket and Pant

South2 West8 - Multi-Pocket Belted 2 Way Jacket and Pant


New fieldwear with an innovative pocket array.

South2 West8’s 2WAY jacket and pants, emblematic of this season's collection, are finally available at Nepenthes New York.

New items from South2 West8 have arrived at Nepenthes New York, and online at These new jackets and pants encapsulate the spirit of the brand’s Spring Summer 2022 collection.  

Each of these items tout high-function design, featuring a cascade of three-dimensional flap pockets and zip pockets. In total, the Multi-Pocket Zipped 2 Way Jacket has a whopping 28 pockets arrayed on the front, back and sleeves. Its storage capacity is exceptional, including 16 triangular hooks, convenient for hanging small items and gear.

In addition, both the Multi-Pocket Zipped 2 Way Jacket and Multi-Pocket Belted 2 Way Pant - Horn Camo - Poly Ripstop/Camo Pt have 2-way specification that allows the sleeves and hem to be attached and detached with a zip. A unique and handy quality that allows these items to be used as short sleeves / shorts according to the mood and the scene. Both the jacket and pants are constructed from a thin ripstop that pairs its innate stretchability  with a mesh lining. Despite their heavy-duty looks, these goods are light and comfortable to wear.

At Nepenthes New York, these products are available in South2 West8’s original camouflage design "Horn Camo", which creates a camouflage pattern from the silhouette of a deer horn. The outdoor season is quickly approaching, so don’t miss out on these special goods.