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A Western setup, with a vintage mood.


Now part of the permanent collection, Needles’ famous setup is available in new colors for the Spring Summer 2022 season. 

Spring Summer 2022 shirt jacket and pants setup have arrived from Needles, featuring impressive Western wear details like arrow pockets and snap buttons.

Since its debut in the Spring Summer 2020 collection, the Piping Cowboy Jacket and Cowboy Pant have steadily gained popularity as the new permanent collection items for Needles. This season, these items are released in both men's and women's sizes.

The Piping Cowboy Jacket takes advantage of a shirt jacket silhouette, finding a unique balance between its wide width and short length, and can be used both as light outerwear and sturdy innerwear. There are embroidered butterflies on both the shoulders and back, eye-catching piping around the Western yoke and sleeves, arrow pockets on the waist, and other decorative details adorned across the garment.

The Cowboy Pant is made from the same material as the Jacket, and features an attractive string waist closure, a signature Needles touch that makes these pants easy to wear. The pant has a clean bootcut finish, and the side piping further accentuates the beauty of the item when worn. Additionally, the slightly elastic texture of the fabric and pant leg center seam provide a casual yet elegant finish.

Enjoy a wide range of styling as these pieces are easy to incorporate into styling either as a single item or worn as a setup. 


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