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Engineered Garments x Mafia Bags - Atlantic Parka - Releasing 05.27.23

Engineered Garments joins forces with Mafia Bags to create a unique collaborative Atlantic Parka, combining Mafia Bags' focus on sustainable and functional materials with Engineered Garments' unconventional design, releasing Saturday, May 25th, in-store and online at

Mafia Bags originated in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to transport wetsuits to and from the beach. The founder, Marcos Mafia, a former professional kitesurfer, recognized the environmental impact of discarded sailcloth and decided to transform waste into durable, waterproof, and eco-friendly bags. Mafia Bags sources used sails from various materials and vessels worldwide, washing, cutting, and sewing them to make new products in their San Francisco manufacturing facility.

Marcos Mafia and Engineered Garments designer Daiki Suzuki share a passion for surfing and are both members of the New York City surf community, frequently riding the waves at Long Beach and Rockaway Beach. Daiki Suzuki became acquainted with Mafia Bags' products and identified an opportunity to create a functional and stylish garment.

The Atlantic Parka, selected by Daiki and Marcos for their collaborative project, draws inspiration from the unlined spring parkas produced by classic Californian outdoor companies. Featuring two large symmetrical pockets near the hem, a pleated pocket on the front right side, and two asymmetric pockets on the left breast. Additionally, two zip pockets offer extra storage, one on the right sleeve and another across the back.

Constructed from blue and white upcycled sailcloth panels, each parka shows a unique patina from previous use, plus the translucent sailcloth allows the wearer to show off the contents of their pockets subtly. Thanks to the material's durability and waterproof nature, this garment is ideal for rugged conditions.

A remarkable garment has been born by combining Mafia Bags' commitment to repurposing discarded sailcloth with Engineered Garments' vision. Not only does the Atlantic Parka highlight functionality with a unique aesthetic but creates a new connection to New York City surf culture.