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Engineered Garments x Lee - Releasing 09.01.22

Engineered Garments x Lee

The collaborative collection’s lookbook captures the “City Rider” spirit, brought out by classic Lee silhouettes given a modern reinterpretation from Engineered Garments designer Daiki Suzuki.
Lee launches its first collaborative collection with New York-based fashion label Engineered Garments.

The director and designer of Engineered Garments, Daiki Suzuki, designed the collection using products from Lee’s Riders Line, which were some of his favorite Lee items growing up as a teenager.

In the collection, Suzuki reinterprets the Riders Line through his signature modern aesthetic and use of high-level detail.

To top it off, the collection’s lookbook captures the spirit of the modern “City Rider”, moving freely through urban landscapes.

The Lee X Engineered Garments collection consists of six styles, including reversible Bomber jackets, shirts and pants and will be launched on September 1st.



MA-1 Bomber Jacket

Inspired by military-issue bomber jackets, this model comes with both a button and zipper closure system. Classic bomber jacket details can be found with the wide fit and ribbed hem, collar, and cuffs, while typical Lee detailing is evident from the extensive reinforcement stitching on the front of the jacket. Reversible, this item includes an emblematic hourglass satin lining for a decidedly military feel.

101 Riders Jacket

The iconic Storm Rider is reimagined with an Engineered Garments flair. The slim fitting proportions of the original are eschewed in favor of a wide, roomy fit. Another notable change comes with the extremely convenient side pockets, sewn with navy stitches so as to be nearly imperceptible. Rather than a beige corduroy collar, this version sports it in navy - a staple of the Engineered Garments palette. The wildest touch comes with the lining, which features a range of fabrics, drawing from a range of sartorial period. This patchwork lets the wearer show off.   

Frisko Jeens Raw Denim Patch and Frisko Jeens Corduroy Patch Pant

Originally made in San Francisco by “Can’t Bust ‘Em”, the Frisko Jeans became one of Lee’s most popular offerings, and the slogan stuck. For this collaborative series, they are made with a peg-top shape - wider on top, and tapering toward the hem. Hallmark details such the rear snap-close welt pocket and L-shape front pockets are retained. Alongside a simple denim pair, a series of patchwork corduroy models - featuring 6W, 8W, and 14W fabrics - are also available.

101 Rider Selvedge Denim 

Based on the Lee 101, this model’s proportions have been adjusted to be wider near the past with a slight taper toward the hem. Constructed with a stroke of ingenuity, this special pair features 4 different selvedge denims, arranged in a patchwork design. With a contrast that is nearly imperceptible when new, each panel of these jeans will wear in differently over time, making each pair one of a kind.

Utility Work Shirt

This shirt places an emphasis on simplicity, hearkening back to some of the first denim work shirts. Notable details include the banded collar with authentic two-button closure and breast pocket array with inner pocket, which borrows its design from traditional Lee coverall.  This item is available in denim, chambray, and flannel.