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Welcome back to District Advisor, where we ask our store staff to use their fashion knowledge to put together informative looks.

Today, Anna is showcasing the South2 West8 V Neck Army Dress. With a slight military influence, this dress is casual enough to dress down, yet still retains a sense of formality - a quality that encapsulates the Nepenthes spirit. 

  1. Here, Anna shows off a chic look for a night out. Belting the dress with a Needles QR Belt, she matches the fabric’s pattern with a Needles Scarf - Silk Flat Crepe worn around the neck and a contrasting Shoulder 1. Paired with the sophisticated Needles x Matsuda James Papillon Sunglasses and Heeled Chelsea Bit Boot, this look is chic enough for a night out.
  1. Showing off her preferred travel outfit, Anna takes advantage of the dress’s button down structure to wear it like a jacket. Worn with the Engineered Garments Bush Shirt - Olive Cotton Micro Sanded Twill and EG FWK Sailor Pant, the military feel of the dress is emphasized. This comfortable outfit is perfect for a day on the go. 
  1. In a creative twist, the dress is wrapped around the waist, giving the appearance of a high-waisted skirt. The Needles L/S Turtle Neck Tee - Ivory - Wool Jersey accentuates both the dress and the Needles Onyx Bracelet and Necklace. Completed with the Needles Heeled Opera Bit Vamp - Black Smooth, this versatile look occupies the heart of the Nepenthes philosophy. 

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