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Engineered Garments x Dr. Martens - 1461 - Releasing 09.09.22

Engineered Garments and Dr. Martens come together for a new collaboration - EG x DM 1461.

Engineered Garments was born from the extensive knowledge of designer Daiki Suzuki. Having spent decades cultivating his knowledge of quality goods, he founded the EG label to bring his vision to bear on products and collaborations.

Headquartered in Northamptonshire - often called the shoemaking capital of the world - Dr. Martens has produced shoes in their Wollaston factory for over 60 years. As the brand garnered popularity with mods, punks and popstars, the company retained their emphasis on quality manufacturing. Even today, each pair of Dr. Martens has the same precise number of yellow stitches and outsole grooves. 

The fifth collaboration between Engineered Garments and Dr. Martens finds Daiki returning to the 1461 to create a special version of the iconic oxford shoe. This latest project combines classic sensibility with unbound creative expression. The wearer is invited to put the shoes on any way they want to - the only limit is their imagination.


The Engineered Garments x Dr. Martens 1461 is more than meets the eye. Engineered with an all-new construction, an elastic gore is inserted into the shoe, and pull tabs are included on the heel and above the tongue for slip-on wear. For those who prefer a laced-up look, 3 asymmetrical eyelets are fastened to one side of the shoe. Rather than mirroring one another, the shoes feature the eyelets only on the left side - giving the appearance of a slip-on when viewed from one angle, and lace-up when viewed from the other. Two sets of solid and two-tone laces are included for even more customization.

This remix eschews loud design in favor of creative construction. Like many Engineered Garments goods, what appears to be simple on the surface unveils a deep sophistication on second glance. Produced in Dr. Martens Wollaston factory, this shoe pushes the envelope without sacrificing heritage and craftsmanship. 

Available in Black Smooth Leather or Milkshake Hi-Suede, the Engineered Garments x Dr. Martens will release at Nepenthes New York on 09.09.2022 in a wide range of sizes.